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United Chambers deals with Valley-wide, County-wide and Regional issues and promotes the San Fernando Valley’s overall welfare, progress and economic prosperity.  We also advocate on businesses behalf on a State and Federal level for the good of all business.  United Chambers encourages the development of new business ventures in the community, and supports the existing commercial base.  Additionally, United Chambers provides a network of communication among chambers, businesses and government to amplify local concerns.

June 18, 2018

SUPPORT – Westfield Promenade 2035 Project

The Warner Center 2035 Plan, approved by the LA City Council in 2013, aspires to transform the Warner Center into a mixed-use, transit-oriented, lively downtown district. New neighborhoods of tree-lined streets will lead to vibrant avenues; large blocks will be broken up to become intimate and accessible. Pedestrian pathways will allow for walkable communities, low- and no-emission vehicles will be encouraged, and homes and workplaces will be brought together to create a more sustainable future.

The Westfield Promenade 2035 Project will be located in the “Downtown District” envisioned in the Warner Center 2035 Plan. The “Downtown District” will be a mixed-use, transit-oriented, lively urban area in which to live, work, and place. The residential areas will include a variety of apartments, including sought-after amenities and entertainment at their doorstep. The business areas will bring together established and start-up companies, building a community that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and synergy.

May 30, 2018

Oppose AB 3087 – California Health Care Cost

This job killer bill will interfere with an employer’s ability to negotiate for benefit designs and costs for their employees.  It will establish an appointed commission to impose price controls on health care providers and insurers and determine the amount of an individual’s copays and deductibles.  Hospitals have already identified a loss of 18 billion dollars if this bill is enacted.

SUPPORT AB 1971 Health & Safety Code

Will allow for a person who is gravely ill, disabled and a danger to others or themselves to be taken to the hospital by a peace officer or a member of the attending staff of an evaluation facility.

SUPPORT Taxpayer Fairness, Transparency & Accountability Act

This ballot measure would hold politicians accountable and increase transparency when taxes are raised.

April 27, 2018

Oppose: AB-3232 Zero-Emissions Buildings and Sources of Heat Energy

Would require the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to “develop a plan to achieve the goal of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases by the state’s residential and commercial building stock by at least 40 percent below the 1990 levels by January 1, 2030.”

March 28, 2018

Oppose: Proposition 69

Seeks to protect the revenue collected under SB-1, by adding an amendment to the California State Constitution requiring the funds be spent for their originally intended purpose.  There are still ways the funds could be diverted to other projects, but Prop 69 is designed to make that more difficult, and to require a specific action on behalf of the State Legislature to do so.

Because there are still mechanisms by which the money can be diverted, the proposition offers no real reform.

Support: Repeal of SB-1

In 2017, the California State Legislature passed SB-1, which created or increased a series of transportation-related taxes and fees.  The revenue was intended to be used to fund road maintenance, rehabilitation and related transportation projects.

The California State Legislature has previously raised revenue for road maintenance and rehabilitation; however, the funds have not always been spent for their originally intended purpose.  They have either been allocated to the general fund and spent on a range of programs, or “borrowed against” to fund non-road related initiatives.

February 12, 2018

Oppose: ACA 22

Imposes a windfall tax surcharge of ½ of the new federal corporate tax cut on corporations with revenue over $1 Million.

Oppose: SB-827

Housing Development Housing Construction / Near Transit Stops are in non-compliance with local land use regulations.

Oppose: SB-993

Puts a tax on services with the exception of health care and businesses with gross receipts of less than $100,000.

January 11, 2018

Oppose: Repeal of Costa – Hawkins Rental Housing Act

The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act places limits on the types, and extent, of rent control that municipalities may enact.  The Act places three primary restrictions on rent control legislation:

It prohibits rent control on new buildings.  Apartment buildings constructed prior to Costa-Hawkins’ enactment remain eligible for rent control legislation.  But any housing constructed after the Act’s signing into law are exempt from any rent control efforts.

It prohibits rent control on single-family dwellings.  This prevents municipalities from applying rent control restrictions on single-family dwellings, such as a property owner renting out a secondary house for additional family income.

It prohibits “vacancy control.”  Prohibiting “vacancy control” means that municipalities cannot prohibit landlords from raising the rental rate for a particular unit up to market rates after a tenant vacates the property.  This is different from other styles of rent control, which limit rental rate increases within the duration of a tenant’s occupancy.

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