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“Joining the Encino Chamber of Commerce back in 1987 was one the most positive and constructive things I have done.   I have made excellent business connections with many of the Chamber members, acquired property from members or their referrals and became the Vice Chairman and Director of a bank through relationships related to my board participation.  Chamber members have become tenants in my properties, including four Encino Chamber past-presidents.   I participate in numerous other chambers in the San Fernando Valley, and by doing this I have seen the quality of members in the Encino Chamber.  This quality is revealed by the fact that over 50% of the prestigious Fernando Award* winners have been Encino Chamber members.”

-Rickey Gelb, Gelb Group ~ A Family of Companies www.gelbgroup.com

Member Since 1988

*The Fernando Award is the highest award for volunteerism and philanthropy in the San Fernando Valley. It is supported by the Valley Chambers of Commerce, civic and philanthropic organizations, entrepreneurs and corporations located in the San Fernando Valley.

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Locating services and products from reputable, dependable and responsible companies can be a daunting task. As an Encino Chamber member I have had the opportunity to meet other business owners and develop meaningful relationships with them. This is a tremendous help when selecting a company to use, such as Auto Aid; West-Val Pharmacy; Roman Kniter, D.D.S.; and Paul Davis & Alberta Bellisario Insurance Services (health insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance).

-Michael S. Turner, Bearsworth Promotions www.bearsworth.com

Member Since 2002




“I have joined the Encino Chamber right after starting my business in 1988.  I have been an active member as well as a board member since 1991. Throughout these years I have created long lasting relationships with the chamber members and have given and receive business.  I exclusively deal with the Chamber members.  Last year I purchased a home utilizing a Realtor and a Mortgage company who are Chamber members.”

-Jamshid Javidi, CEO Computers, Inc. www.ceocomputers.com

Member Since 1989


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“I was attracted to the Encino Chamber because they addressed issues important to the community at large as well as Chamber members.  Our business has prospered since joining and my family has used the services offered by members.  We also benefited from knowledge gained from speakers about various issues and opportunities including disaster preparedness and CERT training.  I have always said that the members are committed to the community and walk their talk.”
-Alberta Bellisario, Paul Davis & Alberta Bellisario Insurance Services www.pdinsure.com

Member Since 1995


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“West-Val Pharmacy membership is a “habit,” but a good habit. We do get some business from members, but not much. Yes, relationships are a plus and supporting other chamber businesses is our practice always. Being a member of the Encino Chamber of Commerce is my way of giving back to the community.”

-Stan Goldenberg, B.S. Ph. FASCP, West-Val Pharmacy

Member Since 1959


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“My office joined the Encino Chamber in 1995. We have increased our brand and name recognition as well as community credibility just by being participants in the Chamber’s community outreach programs. I hoped for an increase in new patients and that happened too! Meeting people and developing friendships is what the Encino chamber is all about.

 Best decision I ever made!”

-Melody LeBlanc, Stephen Y. Yu, D.D.S., Inc.
Member Since 1995


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As a local business owner, the Encino Chamber of Commerce allowed me to quickly get to know many of the other business owners in my area in softer settings where sales weren’t the focus.  This helped me establish deeper relationships that have led directly to sales, business partnerships and mentorships.  

Your Business Is Exceptional And Your Signs Should Be Too.

Chris O’Connell

President | Premium Sign Solutions

Member Since 2014


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