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Top Ten Reasons to Join the Encino Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Business Referrals
  3. Benefits and Discounts
  4. Advertising & Marketing Opportunities
  5. Credibility
  6. Learning Opportunities
  7. Community Involvement
  8. Economic Development
  9. Volunteer Opportunities
  10. Government Advocacy Business & Legislative

The Encino Chamber of Commerce is the Valley’s Premier Business Community. It was established in 1936 to build strong ties between businesses and the community. The Encino Chamber also works with government agencies and others to support the needs and interests of businesses.

Joining the Encino Chamber of Commerce is about more than business networking. It’s about making the connections that lead to a more prosperous and successful business.

The Encino Chamber is highly regarded within the community for its leadership on the most important community issues.  The Education Committee and Health & Wellness Committee are recognized for the partnerships they have established within the community.  In addition, the Chamber’s Disaster Preparedness Committee has been recognized by various city leaders and the media (Daily News: 9-13-14).

The Encino Chamber of Commerce provides the intimate access for advocacy that no other organization can provide. Our city leaders know the Encino Chamber members providing the
right mix of diversity and credibility to engage with them. In 2014 the Encino Chamber was the only organization to host all three city wide elected officials: Mayor Eric Garcetti,
Controller Ron Galperin, and City Attorney Mike Feuer. In fact, the Encino Chamber of Commerce is the only chamber of commerce in the San Fernando Valley to host
Mayors Eric Garcetti, and Antonio Villaraigosa.


Board and Mayor








Mayor Eric Garcetti, Captains John Egan and Maureen Ryan with the Encino Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Staff.

Ron Galperin


     Controller Ron Galperin, guest speaker at an Encino Chamber
Business & Professional Development Lunch.


Joining the Encino Chamber is about building relationships and ties that can last a lifetime. Three past presidents of the Encino Chamber have received the distinguished Fernando Awards, which is the Valley’s highest honor  for a lifetime of volunteerism. In addition, three lifetime members have earned the Fernando Award, giving the Encino Chamber a total of six honorees, more than any other organization.

Joining the Encino Chamber is about access to a demographic no other chamber in the San Fernando Valley can provide. It’s also about building credibility across the city of Los Angeles by being part of a recognized leading community organization. The Encino Chamber is not just where business gets done, it’s where business thrives.

As you can see the Encino Chamber is dedicated to improving the quality of life for businesses and residents of our community. The Encino Chamber is NOT a government agency, part of a political party, a civic or social club, or a social welfare agency. THE CHAMBER IS YOU!!!
Join the Chamber now by calling (818) 789-4711 or registering online!!!!

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