The Chamber has spent the last several years educating the business community on disaster preparedness. We have a Disaster Preparedness Committee that meets monthly and works closely with the Chamber and community organizations to coordinate an action plan, so that in the event of an emergency the community will be better prepared. The Chamber also organizes earthquake and emergency drills, symposiums, C.P.R. classes, C.E.R.T. training classes all in support of our emergency preparedness program. What we do now before the Earthquake, will determine our lives after the Earthquake

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Are you prepared? Is your family prepared? Is your business prepared?

The BIG ONE is just around the corner! The Encino Chamber has information for you, your family and employees about how to prepare for earthquake.

Have a Plan!
• Out of State phone number to communicate
• Where to meet employees/ family members after the earthquake, fire, etc
• Drop, cover, hold… shelter in place if possible

• A basic backpack with essential emergency supplies in every car you own, your office, school, etc
o Food and water for 3 to 7 days
o Basic first aid kit and Prescriptions
o Animal care – food and shelter
o Security and self defense
o Hygiene supplies
o Comfortable shoes & socks for walking

The Encino Chamber has a Disaster Preparedness Committee meeting the third Thursday of every month at the Chamber Office at 12:00 p.m. and several drills throughout the year at Encino Park.


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